Protein Assay Kit (EDTA/DTT/Mg2+ compatible)                                                                                                                                         Price

Product Description: The protein assay system is formulated from a refined method of Bradford (Anal. Biochem. 72:248,1976), and is designed
to streamline the procedure for determining concentration of soluble proteins. This method is based on the binding of proteins to Coomassie
Brilliant Blue in an acidic solution resulting in a protein concentration-dependent increase in the absorbance at 595 nm (Anal. Biochem.
64:509,1975), which can be measured with a standard laboratory spectrophotometer or microplate reader. Unlike those used in other commercial
protein assay kits, our 595 nm Protein Assay System does not require dilution or filtration of the assay reagent prior to the assay, thus saving
time and enhancing assay consistency. Simply mix your protein sample with 20 parts of the assay solution, and relative protein concentration can
be immediately obtained by comparison to a standard curve performed at the same time. The 595 nm Protein Assay System has a linear working
range of 20 - 200 ug/ml proteins. The system also includes 1 ml of 100 mg/ml sterilized BSA dissolved in distilled water to be diluted for use as
protein standard. The assay reagent is stable for one year under proper storage and handling conditions.

Kit Components:

Protein Dye Solution: 200 ml, store at 4ºC
100 mg/ml Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA): 1 ml, store at -20ºC

MSDS: Coomassie Brilliant Blue, hydrochloric acid, methanol

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